Local Attractions



9 beaches within 20 mins.  Matai Bay, Waikato Bay, Karikari Beach, Perihipe Beach,  Tokerau Beach, Puwheke Beach, Rangiputa, Taipa  and Coopers Beach.  90 Mile Beach is 40 minutes away.   Everything for the water lovers, safe swimming, fishing, diving, snorkelling, wind surfing. 

Collect tuatua at low tide on Puwheke Beach or Tokerau Beach.  Climb Puwheke or take one of the bush hikes  from Matai Bay.

Carrington Golf Course

Is a world class golf course, open to members of the public.  With stunning views from most of the holes it’s a must do for the serious golfer.  After a game make your way to the Karikari Winery and relax with a bottle of the local Chardonnay, or  Hellhole while taking in the breathtaking views of Mt Camel (Houhora heads) and up the coast to Parengarenga Harbour. 

Both Carrington and the Winery are open for meals in summer.

A short drive along Inland Road from the junction of Inland Road and State Highway 10 is located the Ohia Gum Holes. The Department of Conservation have preserved this area where kauri gum was dug in the 1800 and early 1900s and set up photographic displays and information boards.  Picnic tables are set in shade for a nice quiet day out.

Coca Cola Lake  

Along Ramp Road, turn off just before Tokerau Beach and you will come upon a large lake. The water is coca cola coloured but perfectly  safe for swimming.

Cape Reinga

Just over two hour drive.  Drive your self, or better still, take a tour bus for a real day out.  Sand surf the dunes at Te Paki and take the trip along 90 Mile Beach from Waipapakauri to Te Paki (or vice versa depending on the tide). 


Settled by whalers in the 1800’s supports vibrant waterfront cafes, restaurants, bars, craft and gift shops. Walk the fascinating Heritage Trail and visit the “world famous” fish and chip shop eating your freshly caught fish with the water lapping the piles underneath you. 


Is home to the wonderful Matthews Vintage Museum.  A must see for young and old, with heritage sheep as well as static and mobile displays.  Something for everyone.  The Taipa Resort has a wonderful café and restaurant.  Dine in style overlooking Doubtless Bay.

The Gumdiggers Museum – Kaimaumau 

On the Aupouri Peninsula is well worth a visit.  A museum full of kauri gum (amber) and fascinating displays of tools, photographs plus a walk around a gumfield with buildings reconstructed and audio/visual presentations take you back to the 1800’s when life was so different and so much harder for those men, women and children working the gumfields for a living. 


Is the last major settlement on State Highway 1 north to the capes and bays of Aupouri Peninsula.  First established in 1834 by Church Missionary Society members, Joseph Matthews and William Puckey,  Kaitaia is the service centre for the far North. This is about a 35mins drive from Poppawhiwhi Olives

Well worth a visit in Kaitaia is the Te Ahu CentreThis is located at the southern end of town as State Highway 1 leaves Kaitaia for its southward journey. The civic centre boasting a library, information centre, museum, picture theatre and hall. Te Ahu also houses the offices of the Far North District Council Service Centre. Recitals are held from time to time in its unique and unusal atrium located under a ceiling of Kuaka or Godwits.


Is an hour away and well worth a visit. A host of things to do from wine tasting, to chocolate tasting, to visiting the Stone Store and Kemp House, New Zealand’s oldest buildings, Kerikeri abounds with restaurants, galleries, craft and gift shops.  Rewi’s Pa, a recreated Maori Village is sited across the walkway from the Stone Store.

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