Olive Oil Analysis


Laboratory results for Poppa’s Leccino olive oil show that it is of an extremely high quality.

Peroxide, which needs to be below 18 for extra virgin olive oil, has tested at 6.88 units. This falls within the 5 to 7 units required to ensure a life of more than 12 months before the oil deteriorates. Two years is the normal shelf life expectancy under correct storage conditions away from heat and light. Above 18 indicates the oil is on its way to becoming rancid.

Free Fatty Acid content in extra virgin olive oil must be below 0.8%. Poppa’s Leccino is 0.11%, an excellent result indicating that the fruit is disease free and has ripened properly and not been subjected to heat or any other extraction process other than cold pressing. 


With these results we are perfectly secure in advertising Poppa’s Olive Oil, Leccino variety as high quality, extra virgin olive oil. But really  -  you need to try this out for yourselves.  

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