Poppa's Olive Oil

Poppawhiwhi Olives produces two varieties of extra virgin olive oil - J5 and a Leccino/Frantoio blend. J5 olive oil has a mellow flavour with just a slight hint 
of pepper.

Perfect for dipping and salads. Our Leccino/Frantoio blend is deceptively mellow but with a kick in its tail. Great for drizzling on pasta.

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Where to Buy

Poppawhiwhi Olives

1344 Inland Road
Karikari Peninsula 
New Zealand


Tel. +64 9 408 7288


Cramond Electrical Services

Unit A12 8 Henry Rose Place 
Albany, Auckland
New Zealand

Tel. Greg +64 22 444 7620 and Amy +64 21 1272 093


Houhora Wharf Store

Pukenui, Northland
New Zealand 

Tel. +64 9 409 8819