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Olive Oil


Poppa’s Olive Oil

Olives don’t like to sit around once picked and Poppa’s Olives are no exception.  Picking is done anytime between March and May, by friends and family.  The olives are mechanically cold pressed daily on the Karikari Peninsula, or at a second press 20 mins away to ensure our extra virgin olive oil is always of the highest quality. 

To confirm you are getting the best, we have our olive oil tested at Far North Envirolab Ltd to ensure the acidity content and peroxicity meet the required industry standards for extra virgin olive oil. 


Other Products


Marinated Olives

We were constantly finding at the end of picking that some olives remained on the trees, so rather than let these go to waste we decided to try pickling them.  After several years of experimentation we are so happy with the result we decided we had to share them with you!

Manzanilla olives are the predominant olive in our marinated olives, but we also use Leccino, J5 and Frantoio though they do take a little longer to prepare.

For a less salty olive,  rinse prior to eating to remove some of the saltiness but retain the flavour of the herbs and spices



To compliment the olive oil we have created our own Dukkah, a combination of nuts, seeds and spices, roasted and ground in our own kitchen.  Simply dip bread into your Poppa’s Olive Oil and then dip into the dukkah for a great taste treat.   Our Dukkah is also delicious as a coating for fish or chicken.


Lemon and Lime Curd

We always wanted our own hens, and when our daughter-in-law told us she had 12 chickens for us we were delighted imagining all these wonderful fresh, free range eggs, we would be able to sell.  Unfortunately our daughter-in-law didn’t mention the chickens she had found for us were bantams.  Bantams are great layers of little eggs no one wants to buy!  So, when life hands you bantams - you make Lemon Curd!  The lime came later when we had insufficient lemons to make up a batch!  Our Lemon and Lime Curd is something you simply have to try for yourself!